Andrea September 30th, 2019

Caroline was one of the nicest, most compassionate and caring colleagues I ever had the pleasure of working with at Bristol. Having joined the School of Modern Languages in 2000, I consider myself lucky to have known her all these years. More recently, it was in her key role as Director of Teaching and Learning that I worked more closely with her. Caroline embraced this vital but sometimes challenging position. She cared deeply for students and colleagues and both benefited from her vision and support. Her qualities were kindness, sharpness of mind, true dedication and respect. She worked tirelessly and was always generous with her time in responding to queries or providing advice. During the dry formalities of exam boards she brought a lightness to proceedings while keeping everything in check with aplomb and elegance. Bumping into her was always an opportunity to engage in a friendly, and often funny, chat that would relieve the stress for a while, and it was always genuine. I cannot believe that she has left us when she was in her prime. She was universally and genuinely liked and admired by all. My thoughts are with her family and friends, and I hope they will draw some comfort from the knowledge of how much she meant to all her colleagues and how important her job has been. Her legacy of compassion, caring and support will continue to be deeply felt at a time when those qualities are needed more than ever.