Wendy September 26th, 2019

Caroline was instrumental in my decision to go back to University and to study at Warwick. None of that would have happened without her. We became fast friends when we met in Seville at the Archive in the mid 1980s and at that time I was thinking of leaving Spain and going back to study in Canada. Caroline was so enthusiastic about the program at Warwick University and really thought it was the best place for me and for what I wanted and needed to do, and she helped me navigate all the steps to apply to Warwick from Spain. And she was right. I have never regretted that decision. As soon as I moved to the UK in 1986 and started coming out to Warwick every few weeks she was amazing, introducing me to her family and friends and taking me around the University and helping me get settled. I remember going over to her family's house and being charmed by her lovely Anglo-Argentine family. I was so impressed by her maturity and effortless Spanish and her passion for Latin America and Spanish history. We shared so many conversations over the years about our research, our studies, our mutual friends. I was so pleased when we connected in 2018 and she told me about her research projects to do with Central America and we talked about sharing information about mudslides in Guatemala. Last October when I was in Seville I went to the post office across the street from the Archive and mailed her two recent publications of mine. We exchanged messages about trying to meet up again in Seville at the Archive one day. Caroline was an incredibly clever and caring person, she had a wonderful laugh and a great sense of humour, the biggest heart, and so much passion for her work, her family and her friends. I remember her so fondly, she was such a kind person and a great friend and gave me so much support and guidance when I needed it.