Anne August 23rd, 2019

I had been fortunate enough to have worked with Caroline for 17 years. First as departmental administrator in HiPLA and then as School Manager. I have much to thank and be grateful for to Caroline. My first true encounter was at interview for the HiPLA role and Caroline immediately put me at ease with her kind and gentle manner, and was instrumental in giving me a job – with the help of Sally-Ann and David Hook of course. At that time the department had a large and busy student and staff admin office hub with a sofa, pigeon-holes, copier and makeshift kitchen. With comings and goings all day it could be very noisy, but always friendly. It was always a pleasure to see Caroline and she would always have time for a chat, to give advice or have a kind word when life’s ups and downs presented themselves. Caroline was meticulous in her scrutiny and fairness, both in HiPLA roles and as School Education Director, and her influence as an exceptional role model impacts still on myself, and for others she has worked with. Caroline was always generous with her time and caring for special occasions, treasured always. Caroline was a good friend and colleague and as I look out of my office window in No.15 I look up and see Caroline’s office, it brings sadness and comfort but also good memories of someone who is loved and who I miss very much. Bless you sweet Caroline, you deserved so much more.