Lauren October 1st, 2019

I first met Caroline when I started working in Modern Languages back in 2011, however I was lucky to get to work with her closely during her time as Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning, a role she approached with the energy, clarity and diligence I came to know as some of her key strengths. It is not an easy role to fulfil, as the workload is heavy alongside academic work, but Caroline took all this in her stride and the role was in very safe hands. I loved working with Caroline, it was always an absolute pleasure. There are a few things which I will always remember about Caroline; one is her genuine warmth and compassion, which luckily for me included her unwavering support for me as a colleague and as a person. It was always an honour to have someone like Caroline believe in you. The other thing I always will think of is her funny and mischievous side, which would often come into play in those long, drawn out meetings (sometimes with 4 of us packed into her office!) with copious amounts of tea and biscuits. When a meeting was especially long and nerves were becoming frayed, a well-timed knowing look or comment from Caroline would always have us laughing again. She was an absolute joy to know and will be hugely missed.