Rachel October 1st, 2019

I worked very closely with Caroline for the past 5 years in her role as School Education Director, Caroline was scrupulous in her attention to detail when it came to prepare for Extenuating Circumstances Committees and Exam Board, she showed compassion when taking into account the impact of difficult circumstances, her empathy, genuine concern and care for all students, she was both practical and thoughtful in the way she carried out her responsibilities. Caroline was elegant and graceful in every way, elegant in her opinions, her speech, her style and in her work. She handled the business of the role and the bureaucracy with endless patience and care. Caroline always came into the office with a smile on her face no matter what, she always had time to listen and gave value to every person and every task in front of her. She was calm, modest and extremely diligent in her work, and clearly an accomplished scholar and teacher. Funny thing was Caroline always sensed when I was leaving the office to go home, she had a knack of appearing just as I was getting in my car and me being me would always offer her a lift home. Caroline will be very deeply missed, my thoughts are with you all at this very sad time, Rachel