Steffan September 16th, 2019

Like others here, I came to know Caroline best in recent years, as School Education Director when I had oversight of teaching for German. Among so many of the qualities she showed in abundance then -- wisdom, foresight, empathy, diplomacy -- one thing stands out. We never had a meeting to discuss the trials and tribulations of teaching planning and student life at which Caroline didn't ask "and how are *you*?" This, for me, sums Caroline up in that part of her work: at the heart of it all was individual care and concern for students and colleagues. It was a joy to get to know her better personally and as a researcher, too, in those years, all too belatedly, as it now turns out. Thank you, Caroline, for being a force for good, a colleague one could trust implicitly and who was always ready to share a laugh. Rest in peace.