Rajendra September 2nd, 2019

I clearly remember the first time I met Caroline, a few weeks after I started at Bristol, in the autumn of 1999, at a meeting of the School's admissions tutors. I was very inexperienced, eager but bewildered, and I remember that she took time to talk to me, encourage me and make me feel part of things. I perhaps only now realise that, amid all the formal induction and assertion of standards and expectations, she was for me that first, wise colleague that every new academic needs to encounter, who teaches you perspective and shows you how all the varied tasks and responsibilities can be done well without going mad. Over the years I worked with Caroline more and less closely on various committees and she was always the same, patient, kind, generous with her time and thoughts, always ready to smile about the craziness of it all, and invariably right about the situation and appropriate course of action. Then in 2017 I took over from her as the School's Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning, and she was once again taking the time to advise me, always available to lend perspective and reassure that it was a job that was worth doing and could be done. Like everyone writing here, I simply cannot believe that Caroline is gone, and I just hope that her family and friends can find some comfort in reading how much she was appreciated and admired by so many of us.