Suzanne October 1st, 2019

From the day we were first introduced to you, down the pub by Richard, in those 80’s Warwick days, I knew I really liked you. Immediately, you became the most generous, funny, fiercely intellectual and genuine friend that anyone could have had. When I think of you, I always see your smile and I hear your giggle. I feel lucky to have known you and I want to thank you for the many times (particularly in my younger years) when both you and Richard helped me. I’m only sorry that I didn’t see more of you in later years, although I am so grateful that we kept in contact. Caroline, I can’t believe that you aren’t with us anymore. In my thoughts and my memories, you will always be that warm, sparkly, funny, fiercely intellectual, loyal and most of all, generous friend. I am going to really miss you. Shine on dear friend xxxxx Suzanne